Eagles Make Several Deals As Summer Trade Window Opens

The Cape Breton Eagles made a number of trades today as the QMJHL’s summer trading period opened up. In total, the Eagles acquired the rights to seven players and nine draft picks while moving the rights to eight players and nine draft picks.

In a series of trades with Acadie-Bathurst, the Eagles acquired defenseman Ryan Hayes (2005-05-16)  and forward Thomas Belgarde (2002-01-29) along with Chicoutimi’s ninth round draft pick in 2022 (149th overall) and Drummondville’s second round draft pick in 2023.  In exchange, the Eagles sent to Bathurst defenseman Emile Perron (2005-04-10), forwards Blake Pilgrim-Edwards (2005-07-07) & Nicolas Hogue (2004-09-20), and Cape Breton’s fifth round pick in 2024. The Eagles then moved Belgarde to Victoriaville (along with Blainville-Boisbriand’s second round pick in 2022, 26th overall) for Saint John’s first round choice in 2022 (16th overall) and Val-d’Or’s fifth round draft pick in 2024.

Similarly, the Eagles added and then traded forward Josh Lawrence (2002-01-28). Lawrence was acquired from Saint John in exchange for forward Jack Campbell (2003-03-09) and Saint John’s seventh & eighth round draft picks in 2024. Lawrence was then flipped to Blainville-Boisbriand along with Cape Breton’s third round pick in 2023 for forward Charles Boutin (2003-01-31) in exchange for Saint John’s second round draft pick in 2022 (34th overall) and Blainville-Boisbriand’s first round pick in 2024.

One other trade saw players moving on both sides. The Eagles traded forwards Lucas Canning (2004-06-22) & Charles Savoie (2003-01-14) along with Québec’s 12th round pick (216th) in 2022 to Québec for forwards Zachary Gravel & Jonah
MacDonald (2005-03-18) and Québec’s fourth round draft choice in 2023.

Two trades saw the Eagles move out players for draft choices.  The Eagles sent defenseman Jacob Squires (2003-03-05) to Charlottetown in exchange for Charlottetown’s sixth round choice in 2024, and flipped forward Matis Ouellet (2005-02-11) to Val-d’Or for Shawinigan’s third round choice (48th overall) in 2022.

Another pair of trades saw Cape Breton acquire players in exchange for draft choices. The Eagles added forward Julien Hébert (2003-07-09) from Chicoutimi in exchange for Chicoutimi’s sixth round draft pick in 2024, as well as forwards Jordan Côté (2003-01-26) & Samuel Johnson (2002-11-07) for Cape Breton’s fourth round pick in 2022 (45th overall) & Cape Breton’s seventh round pick in 2024.

Saturday’s trades come following the 2022 CHL Import Draft, which saw the Eagles choose forward Jiri Kulich (2004-04-14) from Czechia. Standing 5’11, 178, he notched 14 points in 49 games playing in the top Czech pro league with HC Energie Karlovy Vary last season. He was team captain for the Czechs and tournament MVP at the World Under 18s.

Below are the assets added and removed from the Eagles protected list, in addition to the updated list of 2022 draft picks. When applicable, 2021-22 QMJHL stats are provided for the players below.

(Following today’s trades, the Eagles hold 20 draft choices in the 2022 draft- including three picks in each of the first two rounds.  Additionally, the Eagles will pick 1st & 19th in the American draft.)

The first round of the QMJHL draft will be held online this Monday, July 4th, while the balance of the draft (as well as the American draft) will take place on Tuesday, July 5th. Following the draft, from 6PM to 8 PM the Eagles will be hosting a “Fanfest at the Fiddle” event where Eagles fans can meet the #1 pick in the draft as well as Eagles alumni Pierre-Luc Dubois, James Sheppard and Logan Shaw. The event will be at the Joan Harriss Pavilion. Additionally, former Eagles forward Drake Batherson will Drake Batherson will be meeting with fans Monday July 4th 3-4:30pm at the Cambridge Suites hotel.

Zachary Gravel (2002-08-14) 66 games played, 27 goals, 18 assists
Samuel Johnson (2002-11-07) 57 games played, 17 goals, 31 assists
Jordan Côté (2003-01-26)  60 games played, 6 goals, 6 assists
Charles Boutin (2003-01-31) 53 games played, 7 goals, 28 assists
Julien Hébert (2003-07-09) 68 games played, 9 goals, 18 assists
Jonah MacDonald (2005-03-18)
Ryan Hayes (2005-05-16)
2022 Round 1 Saint John (16th)
2022 Round 2 Saint John (34th)
2022 Round 2 Shawinigan (48th)
2022 Round 9 Chicoutimi (149th)
2023 Round 2 Drummondville
2023 Round 4 Québec
2024 Round 1 Blainville-Boisbriand
2024 Round 5 Val-d’Or
2024 Round 6 Charlottetown

Charles Savoie (2003-01-14) 49 games played, 3 goals, 7 assists
Jacob Squires (2003-03-05) 60 games played, 4 goals, 11 assists
Jack Campbell (2003-03-09) 63 games played, 2 goals, 8 assists
Lucas Canning (2004-06-22) 43 games played, 2 goals, 2 assists
Nicolas Hogue (2004-09-20) 19 games played, 1 assist, re-assigned from Cape Breton mid-season
Matis Ouellet (2005-02-11) 55 games played, 3 goals, 8 assists
Emile Perron (2005-04-10) 54 games played, 1 goal, 2 assists
Blake Pilgrim-Edwards (2005-07-07)
2022 Round 2 Blainville-Boisbriand (26th)
2022 Round 4 Cape Breton (55th)
2022 Round 12 Cape Breton (216th)
2023 Round 3 Cape Breton
2024 Round 5 Cape Breton
2024 Round 6 Cape Breton
2024 Round 7 Cape Breton
2024 Round 7 Saint John
2024 Round 8 Saint John

Round 1, #1 (Cape Breton)
Round 1, #11 (Halifax)
Round 1, #16 (Saint John)
Round 2, #19 (Cape Breton)
Round 2, #34 (Saint John)
Round 2, #35 (Charlottetown)
Round 3, #48 (Shawinigan)
Round 4, #62 (Blainville-Boisbriand)
Round 5, #73 (Cape Breton)
Round 6, #91 (Cape Breton)
Round 7, #109 (Cape Breton)
Round 8, #127 (Cape Breton)
Round 9, #145 (Cape Breton)
Round 9, #149 (Chicoutimi)
Round 10, #163 (Cape Breton)
Round 11, #181 (Cape Breton)
Round 12, #199 (Cape Breton)
Round 12, #210 (Shawinigan)
Round 13, #217 (Cape Breton)
Round 14, #235 (Cape Breton)

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